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Please note this is a development network so we cannot guarantee availability.

Access to SOWN is governed by our Acceptable Use Policy as well as your own common sense. Please remember that home nodes are hosted under the grace of the host - do not abuse this privilege. Any concerns about suspicious behaviour should be directed to the Contact Us page.

How To Connect

This is intended as a Rough Guide for Windows XP users. Other Operating systems may have a different method, and we encourage you to read the appropriate documentation before trying to connect to SOWN

If you're in an area covered by SOWN you should see, and be able to connect to, a wireless network with the SSID prefix [SOWN].

Connecting from Windows XP:


Double click on a section with the strongest SOWN signal, and it will automatically connect you. If it prompts you about it being an insecure network, simply click the continue button. Once connected, open a web browser and you will be prompted to enter your university login details (or those assigned to you if you have signed up to SOWN as an outside user).

To ensure that your login details are being transmitted to SOWN, you should ensure that the login page you are using is located at Your web browser should display a padlock to identify that the connection is secure nor should it generate any security warnings.

Example login page:


If your details check-out then you're done!

If you have problems connecting, ensure your wireless network adapter is configured to automatically obtain an IP address (DHCP).

If you still have difficulty, don't hesitate to ask us for help.

Note: Campus nodes allow access to the University VPN servers without requiring that you log in via your browser. You can connect to, and as normal.