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Meeting (to be) held on 2016/08/18 at 19:00 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room

Previous meeting: 9 June 2016 19:00:00 Next meeting: 1 September 2016 19:00:00


  • Projects
    • Node Firmware
    • Sown Node Setup
      • This is pretty much complete. We should review to see if there are any further features we might want to add.
    • VMS Build
      • Added network interface for ECS DMZ VLAN to Sown-vms and to Kimchi via libvirt.
    • Virtual Machine Builds
    • SOWN(at)Anywhere
      • We have all the equipment needed for this project but as we have limited time to use preloaded data we do not want to start on this until we can make good progress.
      • Nsefan has already developed an effective SOWN(at)Anywhere node and we can use his Insight for our build with a USB power bank and 4G dongle.
    • 802.11ac SOWN Zepler
      • Have contacted Estates and Facilities regardsing roof access. Project to be in November so we can do build work during term time.
    • Eduroam Extender
      • No recent progress
    • SOWN(at)Coordinates
      • Dependent on SUWS mast project

  • Node Requests
    • There may be some new requests from Phil and Jon in the near futire
    • HeliosFA would like a new-generation node to replace his old Meraki

  • AOB
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